Tattoo Removal and Fading


Fade it down to cover it up. 


Worcester Tattoo Removal provides the perfect solution to your unwanted tattoo. Whether you want to 


fade down an existing tattoo to make room for another one, want the entire thing erased, or just want a 


portion of it removed (i.e. a name) – we can do it! 



Many tattoo enthusiasts are also perfectionists – they regret their first tattoos, but quickly want new ink 


to show off. Some tattoo artists are better than others, individual tastes change, and Worcester’s only 


 affordable tattoo removal clinic is ready to help you meet your new goals. 



Tattoo laser removal can be as specific as needed. Our Astanza laser technology allows for accurate 


treatments as precise as removing the apples from the apple tree on your bicep or an ex’s name from 


the middle of your favorite tattoo. 



 Serving all of Worcester County and Central Massachusetts, Worcester Tattoo Removal provides 


professional, affordable laser tattoo removal for all tattoos.



For more information on how tattoo removal works, what to expect, and more, visit our Frequently 


Asked Questions page.